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Caesar’s Snails is a family-owned snail farm located in the beautiful city of Edessa – Greece, and was founded  in 2015. The microclimate of our region is ideal for snail growth. It is a modern unit licensed by the Veterinary Directorate of Pella and has a farm code, which respects all the regulations and conditions of the Greek state for its operation.

The breeding method that we use is completely organic, while there is no use of antibiotics and preservatives. The snail species that we breed is Helix Aspersa Maxima, also known as Cretan Chochlios. Our long-term study of heliciculture gave us the possibility to organize our unit so that it supports the requirements and specifities of farmed snails.

Our diligence as to the correct management of the production process and the proper compliance of hygiene rules is the key element of our unit. Constantly evolving, the experience gained by our work helps us continuously improve, as we have managed to adapt the production process to the climatic conditions of our region.

With much respect and love for the snails, we work hard every day to provide our high quality products.

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Caesar’s Snails
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