Beneficial properties of snails

Snails are a healthy, digestible, delicious and nutritious food. They join the group of luxury products along with caviar, foie gras and truffle.
They are a product of high nutritional value, and the calorie valueof snail meat is just 60-90 Kcal per 100g of meat. Snail fat is beneficial because
it provides the body with the Omega-3 fatty acids.

Snail meat has several advantages over other meats, such as:

  • Calcium (200-700mg / 100gr). It is a very important quantity, especially during fasting periods

  • Beneficial fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6)

  • Low fat content. Reduced fat reduces liver diseases, arteriosclerosis, obesity and contributes to proper functioning of the thyroid and immune system

  • Selenium (high content 27.4 μg / 100gr). Selenium has strong antioxidant properties protecting against heart disease and cancer (mainly prostate), also contributing to the functioning of the thyroid gland and immune system

  • Low calorie content. The calorie value of snail meat is 60-90 Kcal / 100gr of meat, less than the meat of various fish, birds and mammals. The protein content is high and ranges from 10 to 16% of the fresh weight

  • High inorganic nutrients

  • Essential amino acids for the human body to reconstruct damaged tissues of the digestive system

  • It has 10 times less bacteria compared to other meats

  • Its acids contribute to lowering cholesterol and thus reducing obesity and liver diseases

Snail meat is also a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, amino acids, and vitamins. It inhibits atherosclerosis and thrombosis and has anti-inflammatory effects, prevents allergies, depression and other diseases of the nervous system.

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